Let’s say that for non-history buffs, this breed is ideal, as its history begins in the mid-90s in the United States of America.

It is a race officially born from the intersection of Pit Bull and Staffy (or American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier), although I personally think that in the middle there is some good “blue blood” given by the English Bulldog.

The purpose of creating this new breed was mainly to create a dog that would combine resistance, strength and gameness … untranslatable term in Italian, but that we could explain with the three characteristics of fighting dogs: tenacity, courage, temper, but with a great psychological balance and aggressiveness almost absent.

Moreover, this race has less physical problems than the Bulldog: the Bully are on average a little more long-lived and have less trouble breathing, even if, obviously, given the anatomy of the face, they will not be entirely free. Temperamentally they could be called the “captivating sweet agreeable rascal defense”: in fact, on average they are funny and cheerful, loving children and they are very balanced.

Obviously, they could become aggressive, like all other races, if they are provoked, or if they feel some dangers for their human and they want to defend them. Thanks to his “super-DNA”, this race  has a very high tolerance to physical pain and, in order to prevent future aggression, the puppies have to be made socializing very well.

In my opinion the Bullies are not the perfect dogs for lazy people, and they need an experienced owner with dogs of this type, or that have the desire to know the breed and to acquire the necessary knowledge to make both life quiet and serene.

Needless to say that, the character of a dog, such as a human, is due to a 20-30% to the genetics, and for the rest to the way in which it is raised and managed: so it is very important for the buyer to lean on breeder certified and experienced, and, for breeders, check the “pedigree” of the future owners to preventin future unpleasant news on the TV news.

There are various types of American Bully determined by the size and physical characteristics. The main ones are:

  • STANDARD: height between 43 cm and 51 cm at the withers;
  • POCKET: should not exceed 43 cm at the withers; and
  • XL: height from 50 cm up to 61 cm at the withers.

Obviously, other sub-types of the three main ones was created, such as Classic, Extreme, Exotic, etc …, but the matter is so long and wide that I risk to get you bored. The American Bully breed is recognized by the associations ABKC, IBKC, UKC, e EBKC.


The American Bully MK Turin Kennel is an amateur dogs breeding. We have dogs of the ABKC circuit with quality bloodlines.

The American Bully MK Turin Kennell borns by the passion and love of Mario for animals in general, but especially, since 2011, for the American Bully breed, who then infected his whole family.

Mario begins to breed as a hobby other dog breeds and other animals.

He has a very wide and depth knowledge of veterinary and cynophilist: ever since he was a child, he was always interested on the animal world. Mario has never stopping to study because, as is often said, “there is always more to learn, evaluate and assimilate. “